EMERZE's Multimedia services include full motion animation or video, which can be presented in familiar formats such as Animated GIF, MPEG, Macromedia Flash and AVI. We highly promote 3D Graphics and animations for CD-ROM presentations and for corporate presentations. EMERZE's creative graphic designs and still animations make the presentation more reachable to the audience.

EMERZE is doing mass CD-ROM productions and replications for Corporates having huge number of customers.
Any kind of presentations can have the ability to link to the Internet or any other applications or presentations.

Presentation Types
CD-ROM Replication & Production
Computer based training
Quality digital stills
Animated movie clips
Presentation template
Presentations with voice-over/ sound effects
Custom art works

Macromedia Flash Presentations
EMERZE creates more interactive, animative and entertaining presentations in Macromedia Flash. Presentations can include Photos, Images, Sound, Voice-overs and Custom Art works. EMERZE has more experience in designing Corporate training resentations in Flash combining pictures, background music and animative works.

Powerpoint Presentations
A professionally designed powerpoint presentations are well suited for effective computer presentations. PowerPoint presentations are cheaper and crisper than any other presentations designed in more sophisticated multimedia softwares. PowerPoint presentations are more flexible that client's professionals can modify/update their facts and figures that are frequently changed. We can also provide customised templates.

Acrobat Presentations
Acrobat presentations are able to retain its originality such as fonts, graphics, colors etc., irrespective of the platforms it is viewed. Since the Reader software is free-downloadable, its portability increases rapidly. EMERZE can transform your artistic works, brochures, quality pictures and diagrams into Acrobat presentations in a neat, interactive way.

HTML Presentations
Being an e-Solution Provider, it designs and develops websites for Corporates for many years. Therefore, it can deliver you quality, optimised, cost-effective presentations in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). This kind of presentations are cheaper and suitable for Corporate's Product Documentation works and Tutorials. EMERZE has experience in designing Web banner Ads for its various clients.

Digital Image Editing
Playback digital video for Television Ads/ Website Ads can be done using the latest versions of Digital Image Editing softwares like Adobe Premier, 3D Max Studio and Macromedia Director. EMERZE can combine Video Camera Shots, Photos, Graphic art, Animations and other video elements to produce a quality, entertaining digital video.